Care Management

Collaborative care management is an important feature of our Stipendiary Program.  The Tuttle Fund requires that ongoing clients agree to and cooperate with a collaborative care management plan.  With the client’s input, this plan is established by the community agency, the Tuttle Fund, and any other agencies providing social, medical, or counseling services to the client. 

When a client is approved for an ongoing stipend, a Tuttle Fund social worker makes regular home visits to assess the status of the collaborative care plan.  This includes a review of the client’s financial situation, the safety of the home environment, and the client’s use of social, medical, and counseling services.  Regular client conferences are held with agencies providing care management.  In addition, a formal budget review is completed with the client on an annual basis, or more frequently if there is a change in the client’s financial situation.

The client’s sense of self-determination and independence are respected in all aspects of these care management services.