Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Grants to Organizations

1.  Would you accept a proposal that extends beyond Manhattan?

Our guidelines do not allow us to consider proposals that serve geographic areas outside of Manhattan, New York. 

2.  What should the proposal include?

The proposal should include all the elements outlined under Proposal Guidelines.

3.  Do you accept the New York/New Jersey Area Common Application Form?

No, we do not accept the Common Application Form.  We ask that applicants submit a clear and concise proposal not to exceed five pages, along with required documentation, as outlined under Proposal Guidelines.

4. What would be an appropriate amount to request?

While a review of our Statistics provides information on the average grant, what constitutes an appropriate request depends on organizational capacity and the need for the services to be provided. A discussion with the Executive Director is important in establishing a realistic grant request.  We primarily fund direct services that receive other philanthropic and/or government support.