2012 Grants

Carter Burden Center for the Aging, renewal grant, for Social Service Unit ($35,000)

Council of Senior Centers and Services of New York City, renewal grant, for Core Operating Support, with allocation for Bill Payer Program ($35,000)

DOROT, renewal grant, for Client Assistance Fund Homelessness Prevention Program ($10,000 for two years)

ENCORE Community Services, renewal grant, for The Bridge Program ($20,000)

Riverstone Senior Life Services, renewal grant, for Community Case Management ($40,000)

Hartley House, renewal grant, for Home Outreach Program for Elders ($35,000)

Henry Street Settlement, new grant, Case Manager at Neighborhood Resource Center ($20,000)

Hudson Guild, renewal grant, for Social Services Unit ($30,000)

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, renewal grant, for Weekend Connections ($25,000)

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, renewal grant, for Lenox Hill Case Management ($45,000)

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, renewal grant, for Case Management for Seniors in C.D. 6: Lenox Hill Incorporates UNEM’s Services ($35,000)

New York Academy of Medicine, new grant, Enhancing Health Promotion in NYC Innovative Senior Services ($20,000)

One Stop Senior Services, renewal grant, for Care Management Program ($35,000)

Search and Care, renewal grant, for general support ($40,000)

Service Program for Older People, new grant, General Support ($25,000)

Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), new grant, for Social Services Department ($35,000)

Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center, renewal grant, for Social Services for Seniors ($30,000)

Vera Institute of Justice, renewal grant, for Manhattan expansion of Guardianship  Project  ($20,000)

Visiting Neighbors, renewal grant, for General Operating Support ($20,000)

Weill Cornell Medical College, new grant, for Project GEM ($30,000)