Our application form is sent to applicants for completion after the referral process indicates that the applicant is likely to meet the eligibility criteria.  It should be noted that from time to time, limited resources and/or a full client roster may require us to temporarily suspend receipt of new applications.


  1. Complete form with client and/or by agency
  2. Financial record, listing all household monthly income and expenses. A comprehensive listing of income and expenses is necessary to determine financial need. Documentation required.
  3. Mail application to the the Executive Director, Isaac H. Tuttle Fund
  4. Home visit by the Executive Director and Stipendiary Program Manager
  5. Review of the application by the Executive Director
  6. A summary of the client application and psychosocial summary, deleting all identifying information, is presented to the Stipendiary Committee.

The Stipendiary Committee is made up of members of the Board of Trustees. The Committee reviews applications for stipends and makes recommendations to the full Board of Trustees