The Isaac H. Tuttle Fund distributes grants to community organizations and programs that provide direct services to the elderly in Manhattan.  Grants are made only to tax-exempt organizations and are typically directed to community-based agencies serving the elderly in Manhattan.  We also fund organizations that provide services to agencies serving the elderly in Manhattan.

Our grant application process is interactive to ensure that proposals meet the Fund’s guidelines and mission and to provide us with a clear sense of the applicant’s organizational structure, its operations, quality of services, and capacity to carry out the proposed project. We recommend that interested applicants first telephone, e-mail, or send a letter of inquiry to the Executive Director to determine if a proposal falls within our guidelines.  If the funding request is of interest, the applicant will be invited to submit a formal written proposal and a site visit will be scheduled.

Proposals are reviewed by the Executive Director.  Following a site visit to the organization, an executive summary is prepared for the Grants Committee.  The Grants Committee is made up of members of the Board of Trustees.  The Committee reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the full Board of Trustees.